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Solid CRM offers cutting-edge business process management software tailored specifically for real estate companies. Our comprehensive platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate applications, streamlining your operations and automating essential back-office functions encompassing technology, services, and human resources. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of Solid CRM as you manage your real estate business with precision and confidence.




Accurate Reports

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time market analysis. Solid CRM compiles data on property values, market fluctuations, and emerging trends, allowing you to identify investment opportunities, set competitive pricing, and adapt your strategies based on the latest insights..

Inventory Performance

Gauge the performance of your listings with precision. Solid CRM offers detailed reports on property views, inquiries, and conversions. Understand what's resonating with buyers, optimize your marketing efforts, and sell properties faster and more efficiently.

Sales Productivity

Track and measure your agents' performance effortlessly. Solid CRM provides reports on leads generated, deals closed, and client interactions. Identify top performers, recognize areas for improvement, and allocate resources strategically to maximize your team's potential.

Collection Insights

Maintain a clear financial overview of your real estate business. Solid CRM generates reports on revenue, expenses, and profitability. Make informed financial decisions, optimize your budget, and ensure the financial health of your operations.

Strategy Classification

Using marketing strategies that contribute to the success of your real estate project, highlighting the unique features of each property you market to successfully address the needs of your clients.

Quality Control

Ensure adherence to regulatory requirements. Solid CRM offers reports on compliance activities, helping you maintain a transparent record of transactions, document approvals, and legal compliance, giving you peace of mind in a regulated industry.

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