Solid is a real estate ERP system that transforms a business into the digital world. It is the best tool available for efficient goal achievement. It efficiently manages the organizational day to day activities that include

System Management

Solid is an ERP system management dedicated for real estate industry to targeting a long term strategies for you through close collaborative work, strategies cover your needs and reflect your audience’s style.



Get the most advantage out of your leads easily by analyzingtheir situations and learn more about their requirementsto guarantee that you could match their needswith your product, as well as a comprehensive assessment of all your sales team showing their strengthsand weaknessesto reach the best results.


Campaigns objectives, resultsand revenuesare detailed to offer a unique planningand marketingexperience, which accessible to track all lead qualifications, campaign evaluationand marketing channel’s accuracywith a comprehensive assessment for each.

Call Center

Showing performancevalue by rating the incoming calls received by leads in an individual report for each day, as well as the effortlessexperience of adding new leads in Solid ERP with preventing duplicate leads.

Engineering / Investment

The expected cost of the project and what has been disbursed on the ground is one of the most important information it needs always in the field of real estate, so they provide it in addition to constantly updating the status of each project with its physicaland materialdevelopments.Investment is the foundation for building projects. Solid offers a new and distinct experienceby providing a clear presentation for the profit of each project. Each project is presented in a clear digital way with a professional formula to view all the details in front of you in the form you preferred.


Accountants are always obsessed with a sensitive way of any problem that may caused by them if they are not organized enough, That's why Solid provides all accounts to be available in a preciseand clearformulaas well as all expenses and revenues of the company in parallel. Contracts, invoices, receipts, checks, installments and etc..., everything is registered on, to ensure that no error occurs.

Customer Service

Customer feedback opinion is a resource for improvingcustomerexperience and adjusting your actions to their needs. Information provided byyour clientsabout whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with your product and about general experience they had with the company through your sales one of the most effectiveinformation you need to know so we provide a detailed report on the status of each complaintand actionthat they faced till you reach a final solution with them, customer satisfaction always creates new opportunities for profit.

Solid Management’s Quality & Planning Tools

Solid “Management’s Quality & Planning” tools offering you the opportunity to build the powerfulforecasting methods to predict future revenues, expenses, and capital costs for your company by using the qualifiedand detailedreports for each department which meets your criteria.

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